7 seo steps for image optimization

7 SEO Steps for Image Optimization

As we are living in a visual world, images are more important for our digital marketing agency. We cannot ignore the importance of images rather it is most appealing for our website. Quality images are significant places in this visual world. A small size image can reduce the bounce rate. Image optimization has proved beneficial for your image assets. It includes better user experience, faster page load times.

There are some image optimization tips which can be helpful for digital marketing agency:

1. Write SEO friendly Alt tag

As a digital marketing practice use the alt text which makes your images impactful. If you add these images in your articles it can encourage people to read them. Also, well-chosen images get a good ranking in image search results. Therefore, you can strengthen the message of your articles and improve the accessibility of your website.

2. Add Descriptive Captions

Adding a caption is a very useful tip. It is a text that appears below the image and explains what you see in the picture. The words use in the article may not be read, but the words in the caption will be read. Captions are beneficial when images with captions are displayed.

3. Image Filename

The selection of the best file name will be advantageous for your web page. There are three types of file types that are used to post images to the web such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG. JPEGs will be best as they provide the best quality for the smallest file size. GIFs are for decorative images.

4. Include Descriptive Titles and Keywords

Google Images is the best way to visually discover information on the website. You can quickly explore information with more contexts around images with new features.? Apart from that, keyword-rich file names are equally important for image optimization. Digital Marketing Agency in Ambala provides such services which can be helpful to boost your webpage ranking.

5. Background Information

Background information around the image is a very crucial factor as it directly affects the loading time of the page. It adds specific tags for all of your images. It provides clear information to your potential customers about your product.

6. Image Sitemaps

As adding to sitemaps helps Google index your images.? It would be certainly a positive step towards image SEO. You can get more information about the images available on your web pages.

7. Title Tag and Image Linking

It is very crucial for image linking is to avoid linking your images directly. Always use relevant texts whenever linking your images. As images are eye-catching, these are perfect for linking.

Digital Marketing Agency in Ambala uses the best techniques for image optimization which can offer you better results.

Eventually, you require the above-mentioned basic steps to ensure your images are optimized for user experience and search. A digital marketing company in Ambala suggests simple tips for SEO image optimization which are not only effective for your SEO but can also boost your traffic.


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