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8 seo trends for 2020 you need to know

In this modern era, the internet has taken an important place in our lives. So, it is time to consider what will change in digital marketing this year and how will it affect you. Many SEO trends will play a major role. It is considered that the digital marketing domain is constantly getting revamped with SEO, content marketing, social media, and PPC as the major players. So, it is not easy to keep up with all the changes. To overcome this situation, SEO services in Ambala will help you to get aware of new SEO trends.

Here are 8 trends given below which will help you what is in store for you with SEO in 2020:

Understand your audience and users

Firstly, you require an understanding of your audience preference. When your potential customers query a word or phrase and you must answer them in a simple way. Make sure your content comprehensively answers a question your audience asking through search.

Create informative content

Informative content captivates the reader indeed. Content strategy in SEO is not just about answering a query, it must also use language to engage the user and encourage them to take the next step.

Featured Snippets and Other Structured Data

It is a very effective and essential feature evolved by Google for a better experience for the user. You can drive more clicks to your website by providing a clear answer to commonly asked questions on your website. By using this feature you can optimize your content as well. Thus, it can generate more traffic on your website.

Voice search

As you know that everybody using the mobile phone these days. Voice search has become increasingly popular. That is why it is on the SEO trends list. Voice search is the indirect result of the mobile-first landscape. And it simply represents a new way to interface data.

Dwell time and CTR

Dwell time is between the time when you click a search result and then return back to the SERPs. When your customer spends more time on a page, it indicates that they are interested in finding what they are searching for. CTR is different from Dwell's time as CTR track the number of people who clicked the link.

Lengthy content is important

Creating high-quality long-form content can be helpful to get organic traffic and earn a higher ranking and boost conversion. SEO services in Ambala provide a comprehensive piece of content that raises the SEO value in the long run.

Impact of Artificial intelligence

AI – specifically machine learning – has become a crucial component and it’s going to play a major role in how SEO changes in the near future.  Apart from this, AI collects valuable data and customer insights can lead to overall SEO success.


It is quite clear that HTTPS offers security that many Internet users demand. Apart from that, there are some additional benefits for SEO that should be considered as Https adds privacy and security to a website.  If a website adds security, then the users feel safe visiting and stay on the webpage. As a result, a high ranking on your website will experience major SEO updates.

To sum up, the above-discussed SEO trends will be helpful for you. SEO services in Ambala focus on how to make the internet a more transparent and safe place to consume information. It is expected that 2020 will be an exciting year, not just for Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, but for the entire Digital Marketing Industry.

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