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How to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

Do you have a clear, integrated, and effective strategy for digital marketing? A Digital Marketing research report shows that, incredibly, nearly 50% of businesses still don’t have a clear digital strategy. That’s why they have not clear goals for their businesses.

Digital marketing strategies framework focus on a specific audience and identify the audience needs, interest. That helps to deliver a more effective plan in achieving your marketing objectives.

So, putting digital marketing actions into motion with an effective digital marketing strategy can lead to success for all aspects that can impact development. When you develop a digital marketing plan, you need to include components such as business objectives and your target audience.

Structure a vast digital marketing strategy step by step in 2020, Let us start how to create it:

  • Establish a strong social media presence

    As social media became the primary source of customer attraction and engagement and building a strong social media presence is necessary. First of all, you have to determine the leading platforms for your target audience, and you will have to determine how much time they spend on. Once you know about your target audience, you have to create your business profiles and share the valuable information with your customers.

  • Establish digital marketing goals

    If you are doing online business and you have a place in the market, you should determine what you want to accomplish or what your goals are. For example, if your business’s goal is to increase online revenue by 20%, your goal as a marketer might be to generate 50% more leads than you got last year. You can work on developing your digital marketing strategies with smart goals framework in mind: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals.

    • SMART goal setting

    • Specific: visits, leads or customers
    • Measurable: provide a number
    • Attainable: understand benchmarks
    • Relevant: Relates to overall end goals
    • Timely: include a time frame
  • Create more robust Buyer personas and buyer journeys

    Once you create business goals, you need to create a buyer persona, which is essential for figuring out who your customers are, where they are, and what their goals and challenges are, etc. The buyer’s persona includes demographic and psychographic information. For example:

    Demographic data provides Location, age, income, etc.

    Psychographic information includes Goals, hobbies and interests, and priorities.

    Creating and refining buyer personas helps you to understand the phases of the buyer’s journey. And creating content that is customized to each stage helps your customers to find you. It includes:

    • Awareness: The buyer is figuring out that they have a problem but can’t define it.
    • Consideration: The buyer clearly understands their problem find solutions.
    • Decision: After taking the decision buyer is ready to make a purchase.
  • Generate data from customer analytics

    Every customer action offers excellent insight into customer behavior. To determine how your customers interact with your website, you can try a user behavior tracking tool. Tools like Google Analytics are great tools for gathering insights such as bounce rate and time on page. By this, you can conclude what your audience does not understand what are they like or not.

  • Plan strategically but flexibly

    When you plan your marketing strategies, the best way is to plan it strategically as well as flexibly. When you observed your sales performance is going against your forecast, you may want to change up your plans and strategies to refocus your efforts. Remember that not all change is adverse. When it comes to marketing strategies, change is good. It’s a good thing to be flexible and responsive as it makes you more competitive.

  • Maintain a high value content

    The best content often consists of short paragraphs, short sentences, and bulleted lists. Your content should be used for a number of reasons; including allowing you to consistently new posts and optimizes your search engine strategy. More than that, the content you publish is the voice of your company, and it should be unique to your company’s personality.

  • Optimize content for lead generation

    Content marketing is one of the vast digital marketing strategies in which the main objective is to provide valuable information to your target audience, increase traffic, and generate conversions. From a technical point of view, generate 60% more revenue by optimizing their landing pages for the appropriate keywords.

    Apart from this, make a list of your existing content, and rank each item as per your goal. For example, if your goal is lead generation, rank them according to previously generated leads in the last year. That might be a particular blog or a specific page on your website that’s converting well.

  • Adding the appropriate keyword to your content

    A successful vast digital marketing strategy requires researching the keywords and need to use them effectively. Keywords are the way to help search engines bring the audience to your website. The search engine looks for new fresh articles that can be well written and easy to read. If you use your keyword in a natural way throughout the posts, your website will be rank higher.

  • Defining Your Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

    A digital marketing sales funnel is a combination of marketing procedures that utilized to generate traffic to your business. The sales marketing funnels are vital for turning your web traffic into customers on automation. You should use the AIDAA formula for constructing your digital marketing sales funnel.

    AIDAA consists of four steps- Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, and Advocacy.

    • Attention: The first step is to attract the attention of your target audience. Your email or blog post can impact your audience. But your content should be informative, engaging, and it should be relevant to your target audience.
    • Interest: Once you have grabbed the attention of your audience, now it’s time to connect with your target audience on a personal level. Generate and maintain your audience’s interest in the content is the most crucial part.
    • Desire: Turn your audience’s interest into desire. Make an emotional connection with your content. That is the best way to stimulate your audience’s excitement. Highlight the benefits and the features, highlight the relatable issues, and explain how your content will solve the problem of them.
    • Action: Every piece of content is created for a specific purpose. Your informative content forces your customer to press call to the action button.
    • Advocacy: Users, who actively recommend you, are your potential buyers.

    Each letter of the formula represents a stage in the digital marketing funnel. Not everyone who enters into your digital marketing funnel is your customer. You can significantly improvise tour odds by using this formula and can establish a long-lasting relationship with the prospect.

  • Monitor the performance continuously

    The key performance indicators (KPIs) are beneficial to track and identify your performance against the goals that you have set. Most importantly, it allows you to detect the significant weakness of the online marketing strategy and eliminate them on time. Besides, you should invest in an SEO tool to track your website performance. In this case, tools like Google’s Webmaster Tools and Moz will help you audit your site thoroughly.

  • Provide the platform to your customers

    It is essential to understand how consumers interact with each other and from where they get information. Regardless of the social media platform, you need to make an effort to understand why your audience is there and how you can serve them.

    Nowadays, people tend to go to YouTube for entertainment or to learn something. On the other hand, Facebook is also prevalent; they see interesting, funny, or shocking content which they share with friends.

    What’s more, to get peoples’ attention, you need to create a short video or do something else that’ll stand out in an endless sea of promotions. On Twitter, it’s more about communicating quickly, efficiently, and not irritating people.

  • Focus on Mobile

    Mobile marketing strategies are one of the vast digital marketing strategies that must be customer-centric. The first thing your content or information which you are providing should be seen accurately on your mobile device. Optimizing your web pages requires an attractive and specialized design for tablets and smaller screen sizes.

Digital marketing strategies tools

It is not easy to find online business success without the right digital marketing strategy. And, it is not easy to implement the correct approach without the right tools. Here are a few tools you should be considered:

  • Analytics tools

    Analytics tools inform you of the campaign’s current progress and help you to understand where the issues have occurred. Here you can get important information that enables you to measure:

    • Total number of visitors to your site
    • Number of new or returning visitors
    • Where the traffic is coming from
    • How long visitors stay on your site
    • How often visitors make a purchase

    With this information, you can determine to what extent your strategies are working.

  • Email marketing tools

    Since the past few years of the internet, email has remained a beneficial tool, especially for the marketer. Email promotes your latest products and services, which boost your website traffic as well as provide the strength to tie with your customers. But your emails should be professional. For this, you have to look for marketing tools with customizable templates.

  • Other tools

    You have plenty of other options to choose the digital marketing tool to enhance your customer outreach. For example:

    • SEO research tools help increase your business visibility.
    • Social media tools allow you to schedule posts.
    • Graphic design tools enhance your brand aesthetic.

To wrap it up

A lot of digital marketing strategies and channels are available through which you can enhance your business presence online. Here you need to understand your audience, their interests and behavior, and the nature of your business. Apart from this, you need to think differently than others and be creative to get the success you should follow the above vast digital marketing strategies. You can hire a digital marketing company in India to promote your business online.


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