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12 Proven Digital marketing tips for Small Business that will Work in 2020

If you are looking to grow your business in 2020, you need to get started in the right way.  But what strategies will you use to keep your small business organized?

Business growth is easier in a large business as they have a huge budget with hundreds (or thousands) of employees plus plenty of time to dedicate to staying organized.

What about small businesses? How can they expect their business will grow with few employees and with less investment? Most of you have invested your own resources in finding creative solutions for your marketing efforts. Marketing your small business online is not a small task.  There are many elements that come into play in creating an effective digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing tips for Small Business

Here are some digital marketing tips for a small business which helps you to get ideas to make your small business in order.

#1. Don’t forget to optimize your social media

Digital marketing tips


As a small business owner, you should know where does your audience spend their time? Are they on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

67% of the customers use social media to find the products

and 33 % of the customers use the telephone to do marketing. For any successful digital marketing strategy, a business must be visible on the social media where their targeted customers are spending their useful m time.

#2.Conduct Local Search Marketing

Digital marketing tips

Undoubtedly, Local search is a necessity for small businesses. Whether your business is a brick and mortar retail shop or an online store, you wish to do business with their local neighbors. That is why it is so important to get your business listed on Google My Business. For this, you must set up your free profile on Google my business so that you can gain higher credibility amongst customers and get a stronger online presence.

#3.Create interesting and valuable content

Digital marketing tips

If you are looking for your business online presence, you can do it easily by sharing informative and professional blogs. Providing high-quality content is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics that will provide value to your readers or viewers and they will come back to you. 50% of small business marketers say that content marketing positively influences to their business. Content marketing requires every element to be done right:

  • Quality and Catchy headings
  • Relevant topic
  • SEO friendly
  • User interactive
  • Consistent content creation & promotion

#4. Email marketing campaign to connect with customers

Digital marketing tips

A responsive email list is one of the most effective digitals marketing tips for a small business which helps to drive repeated sales and build a solid relationship with your customers. On a monthly basis, you need to create an email newsletter and marketing messages with special offers. So, by leveraging email marketing, you will be capable to stay connected to your customers, give them value over time and send them targeted offers in which they are interested.

#5. Initiate your business with a well-designed Website

Digital marketing tips

A well-designed website is a mirror of your business. Your website should design in such a way that it can help to convert more visitors into leads and real customers. It includes a mobile-friendly clear design, call to action button. An effective website not only reflects your business and brand but also immediately make a visual connection. It also increases the level of credibility and enhances the image of the overall business.

#6. Optimize for mobile

Digital marketing tips

In small business digital marketing efforts, mobile and desktop marketing both are doing work. 57% of the audience uses mobile devices and 33% of the people use the desktop for searching. It is clear that both are equally important for your business. When it comes to desktop, the main focus not only delivers a great user experience but also forces the audience to take quick action.

For the mobile device, the website should be efficient in a way that your site will be mobile responsive.

#7. Keep an eye on the reviews

Digital marketing tips

Online reviews are an excellent source of referrals. There are various social media channels such as YouTube, Yelp, Google, InstagramLinkedIn, and more where people give their views about your business or product. Customers and buyers go to do their research before committing to a business or product. Positive reviews about your business enhance the image of your small business.

#8. Start video content for marketing

Digital marketing tips

Visual content (Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, Facebook Stories, and Facebook Live) is continuing to grow. It continues to grow in popularity in 2020. The use of eye-catching videos can help small businesses dominate the digital marketing circuit because videos make the average user spend 88% more time on a website. So, small businesses should consider the interactive and engaging value of video marketing.

#9. Advertise on social media channels

Digital marketing tips

The social media platform is more relevant for your business as it offers various advertising options that can help you target your posts to a specific audience. If the nature of your product and service offering is B2B then LinkedIn and Twitter are natural choices. For B2C businesses, Facebook and Instagram would be the better choices.

#10. Chat with a Chatbot

Digital marketing tips

A Chabot is a service that can have a conversation with you just like a real person. It is an automated solution that allows organizations to handle many customers at once, and simultaneously.  Moreover, customers can easily access Chatbots within seconds and start interaction immediately.

  • Some benefits of Chatbot for small business
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Increased Customer Engagement
  • Monitoring Consumer Data & Gaining Insights
  • Better Lead Generation, Qualification and Nurturing
  • Easier Approach to Global Markets
  • Cost Savings

#11. Use Google advertising

PPC advertising has many benefits for small businesses – especially Google Ads that create a successful marketing strategy to:

  • Reach customers at precisely the right moment
  • Get results fast
  • Target only those you want to
  • Measurable and optimizable
  • Suitable for any budget
  • Beat the competition
  • Brand awareness

#12. Establish Your Small Business Main Goal

The most beneficial digital marketing tip is to determine the main goal of your business so that you can measure your success.  76% of small businesses with clear believe their digital marketing efforts are more effective in achieving their company’s target.

Statistics have shown that small businesses would use digital marketing to:

  • Convert leads
  • Increase their web traffic
  • Support revenue generation
  • Increase brand and customer engagement
  • Generate a high volume of qualified leads
  • Use the right marketing tactics for your business

Above above-discussed small business digital marketing tips and ideas will keep you invested, and engaged in growing your business. Whatever you are looking to achieve for your overall business growth, there is no doubt that the right online marketing tactics can play a pivotal role in helping you achieve your goals.


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