Google Marketing Live 2023

Google Marketing Live 2023: 5 Key Announcements That Can Help You Grow Your Business

This year’s Google Marketing Live, the company’s annual event for marketers, was filled with many intriguing new updates. Here are the five key announcements by Google:

1. Conversational ads

Through conversational ads, Google is making it simpler for businesses to connect with customers. Using Google’s AI-powered chatbot, these ads enable businesses to respond to consumer queries and inquiries in real time. Conversational advertisements are presently in beta, but they have the potential to transform how businesses interact with consumers. For instance, a company could use conversational ads to respond to customer inquiries about its products or services or to provide customer service. Additionally, conversational ads can be used to generate leads and sales.

2. Generative AI

Google is also facilitating the creation of high-quality marketing assets by businesses using generative AI. Now, businesses can generate images, videos, and text that are specifically tailored to their requirements. This can save businesses a substantial amount of time and money, as well as assist them in developing more effective marketing campaigns. For instance, a company could use generative AI to generate images of its products or text for its website or marketing materials. A Digital marketing agency in India can also use AI to generate customized marketing messages for each individual customer.

3. Product Studio

During the Google Marketing Live, a new product called Product Studio was introduced that will help businesses in creating and manage their product listings across Google’s various platforms. Product Studio facilitates the addition of new products, the update of existing products, and the monitoring of product performance. In addition, it offers businesses insights into how consumers discover and interact with their products. A company could, for example, utilize Product Studio to create product listings for Google Search, Google Shopping, and YouTube. Product Studio can also be used to monitor how consumers discover and interact with a company’s products, allowing businesses to enhance their product listings.

4. Google Search Generative Experience

Additionally, Google is making it simpler for businesses to appear in search results. With the new Google Search Generative Experience, businesses can now generate more informative and engaging search results excerpts. These excerpts may include images, videos, and other content related to the search query of the user. A business or a Digital marketing agency in India could, for instance, use the Google Search Generative Experience to create a search results summary that includes an image of their product, a link to their website, and a brief video about their product. This can assist companies in standing out in search results and attracting more consumers.

5. Video view campaigns

During Google Marketing Live, Google announced that it is introducing a brand-new category of advertisements called Video view campaigns. These campaigns are designed to expand the reach of businesses’ video advertisements. Ad formats used in video view campaigns include in-stream skippable ads, in-feed ads, and YouTube Shorts. A business could use Video view campaigns, for example, to reach more people with its product videos. Additionally, video view campaigns can be utilized to generate prospects and sales.

These are merely a few of the many intriguing new updates announced at Google Marketing Live 2023.

How to make use of the new capabilities to expand your business?

The new features announced at Google Marketing Live 2023 can be utilized in a variety of ways to expand your business. Here are some suggestions:

  • Utilize conversational ads to communicate in real-time with customers. Conversational advertisements can be an effective way to provide customer service, address inquiries, and generate leads.
  • Leverage AI for the generation of high-quality marketing assets. AI that generates content can help you save time and money, as well as create more effective marketing campaigns.
  • Take advantage of Product Studio to construct and administer product listings across all of Google’s platforms. Product Studio can assist you in monitoring how consumers discover and interact with your products so that you can optimize your product listings.
  • Use the Google Search Generative Experience to generate more engaging and informative search result snippets. This can assist you in standing out in search results and attracting more consumers.
  • Utilize Video view campaigns to expand the audience for your video advertisements. Campaigns based on video views can be used to generate prospects and sales.


The above-mentioned are a few examples of how you can utilize the new features announced at Google Marketing Live 2023 to expand your business. To successfully navigate this thrilling frontier, a partnership with a reputable performance marketing agency is essential. The best Digital marketing agency in India, Intellistall, can assist you in harnessing the full potential of Google AI’s new updates, transforming your marketing campaigns into potent growth and revenue engines. Contact us now at +91 85293 98135 or


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