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How Page Loading Speed Affect Your Page Ranking?

In this digital world, if you want to rank on web search results, you have to make your site load faster. If the page loading time is high, it can create a bad user experience.?As per Google’s latest update, page speed may impact your website ranking. It occurs when a visitor has to wait until your page is completely loaded. It has an impact on your audience’s user experience as well as the impact on ranking, both on mobile and desktop devices. Digital Marketing Agency in Ambala? Renders the best services that can increase your website speed.?¬†Here we discuss some points that will help you to know how some tools, improve the loading speed of websites.

Firstly it is important to know why your page speed is lower:

Too large images

This is a major issue of lower page speed. It is usually due to extra data and huge images added on the sites. JPEG images can be suitable for your website.

Too many ads

A lot of ads have the drawbacks to slow down your page speed; it can be bothering your visitors.


Highly designed themes contain a lot of effects that can slow your load page.


Some social buttons can have an impact on your page speed.

Double-barreled code

Due to the inefficiency of Html/CSS, it will lower your page speed.

Unoptimized browser and apps

You should test your website on all browsers since they do not load your site in a similar way. Apart from this, few apps can also reduce page speed.

What tools can improve page speed?

It is very crucial for a website that page speed should be increased. Improving your website’s page speed not only helps users convert, but it can also have a huge influence on your search rankings as well. Many websites neglect the more tiresome initiatives that help improve page speed and overall site quality.


It is the best page speed analysis tool used by Digital Marketing Agency in Ambala which is used for high-performance websites. YSlow offers a page summary with improvement suggestions and also available for popular web browsers like chrome, firebox, and opera.

Google Page speed insight

To check the web page speed, this tool also offers a detailed description of how fast your site loads on both desktop and mobile. Moreover, it displays the speed score between 0 and 100 and provides suggestions to improve your page load.

On Crawl

It provides a clear overview of your page speed performance and also recommends which pages you should optimize.

Webpage test

It allows you to check your website’s loading time from different devices and from different server locations. Optimize your images. This Google tool offers a free speed test providing a chart about page speed optimization.

Image Optimizer

Larger images are one of the most important factors that affect website speed. PNGs are generally better for graphics with fewer than 16 colors while JPEGs are the best for photographs and they are compressed for the web. Overall, using the various tools by the Digital Marketing Agency in Ambala will definitely bring fruitful results for you by reducing the page loading time. Improving page speed can boost the amount of search traffic coming to your site, and it can also increase the chance that the traffic converts into paying customers


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