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How to effectively find your target audience on social media?

Trying to serve every possible niche is a route to failure. Identifying a target audience provides a clear focus on which your business will serve. Define identify and understand your audience. With a proper target audience definition, you spend less and earn the most by reaching the people who are most likely to buy your goods or services. Social Media Marketing targeting provides valuable insight into the needs and motivations of potential customers. If you want to excel in your business, find a crowd that can be your potential buyer.

Do research, collect data, and conduct surveys to find it. Then, connect and interact with them on social media so that they ultimately purchase your product or service. Then, develop brand loyalty by filling in the gaps, needs, and pinpoints and finally tailor your product or service to them. Dive into the below-given tips to know how to find your target audience on social media in detail.

1. Define Your Ideal Target Audience

Research and create a fictional persona of your target social media audience. Identify who is your ideal customer. It is based on various demographics such as age, income level, gender, education, interest, job title, behavior, whether they have kids or not. Build a description of your social media target audience. Remember that you are trying to build a picture of your preferred new customers who will usually match your existing customers. You need to know the interest of your target audience because you do not want to create and share content that will not be of interest to your targeted audience.

2. Survey Your Customers Through Email Campaigns

Ask your customers about their social media preferences. Build an email list and create email survey campaigns to know about what social channels your target social media audience use and what their likings are. You can also ask about whether they read blogs or not. This can save your budget and will stop the wastage of your money on ads that will bear no fruit. Not every customer of yours will be spending an equal amount of time on well-known social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You don’t need to be active on every social media platform available, nor is it desirable. You just need to be active on the platforms; your targeted audience is active on.

3. Use Social Listening To Understand Your Customers

To truly know your customers it is important for you to know what and when they talk about your product or service. “Art of conversation lies in listening” is well known to successful businesses. Social listening is a process of monitoring social media mentions of your brand, product, service, competitors, etc. It can help you to track analyze and respond to the conversations about you on social media.

4. Find and Connect With Your Target Audience

It is of no use to know about the target audience unless you connect with them. Connect with your social media target audience on their preferred social media platforms. Upload your email database to almost every social media to find your customers. Social media targeting can benefit you at large. Find your target audience in Facebook groups. Use its search bar to find groups that match your ideal customer’s interests. Use other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest as well to find and connect with your customer base.

5. Create Content for Your Target Audience

You will be well known about the interests and likings of your customers if you have connected with them. Connecting with your target social media audience is one of the most effective social media marketing strategies. Create and share the content your audience will love. Some people will prefer to read blog posts while others may be only interested in funny pictures and short videos. Yet others may be only interested in motivational quotes. Create content as your customers like. Let your social pages be inspirational to them. Ask questions in your posts and engage when people leave answers in your comment box.

6. Lookalike Audiences and Ad Targeting

Lookalike audience targeting is the easiest and effective strategy to target your audience on social media. Lookalike audience has almost similar behavior with people who already interact with your brand. Gant is one example, which expanded the audience for its YouTube series using lookalike audiences. Also, make sure to structure the content of the ads in such a way that it appeals to the exact audience you targeted in your research.

7. Check out the Competition

Never miss out on checking your competition until you are the only one running in the race. You should not ignore your competition. It may be possible that you and your competition might have the same audience. In that case, you must consider knowing what extraordinary steps have your competition taken. Use various tools such as Buzzsumo, Search streams, etc. There are many free as well as paid tools that you can use to check out the competition in the market.

8. Revisit Your Audience Research If Needed

It is known that the only constant thing in this world is change. Preferences, and interests change with time. Revisit your target audience definition regularly and adapt changes according to the time. If your definition of target audience still accurately describes the people you want to reach on social media then it is fine but if not, then try changing it. Incorporate lessons that you have learned in the past time and regularly visit your target audience research as the target market tends to change over time.


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