How to Turn Around Falling Website Traffic

How to Turn Around Falling Website Traffic?

In this competitive era, a website is very important for every type of business. It can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies that help your business grow. Most of the time, websites have a certain amount of fluctuation in traffic. The result is, a significant falls in traffic. People think that they would get more traffic on their website at overnight, but it is not easy task. In fact, it requires some efforts and some time.

Besides, if you see a significant drop in traffic you should understand the other reasons as well for falling traffic. For example, if your site is loading very slowly, your traffic will fall. Maybe your webmaster has accidentally deleted your tracking code. No need to worry, Web development Company in India will help you to get increase traffic on your website by solving website issues and also help you to convert visitors into customers.

Why need More Website Traffic?

In this internet era, people use the internet to search the products and services and acquire knowledge regarding to products cost and quality. As a business man you also be dreamt that your business get online presence, for this, you would provide good services or products to their customers, definitely it would have positive effects on your business. Website traffic is an important for business growth. It can help you to see how well your marketing is working. You can also generate more leads, increase conversions, and get more customers. Moreover you can achieve several benefits to drive quality traffic to your website in the right way.

There are some essential points which can be helpful to know about falling traffic on a website:

  • Google Penalties

    Sometimes websites are positively affected because they get better rankings. However, a website that is penalized by Google cannot achieve good rankings. In this case, you have two ways to find out the reasons of website panelized; you can find the reason either by Google Search Console or by looking at your Google Analytics traffic reports. Other reasons it may be alteration in algorithmic which can affect your web site. When your website is penalized, you will lose your Google traffic and also lose some of your Google trust. To fix this issue you must interact with a SEO services in India which will help you to resolve this issue and regain your traffic.

  • Compare Traffic Channels

    It would be beneficial to know about which kind of traffic is on your website. As traffic to your website helps to improve your ranking and generates more traffic. If your traffic is increasing but your conversion rates are not increasing rather decreasing, you are not bringing in the right traffic. Apart from this, you need to understand how much traffic your competitors are getting and that traffic is coming from which sources, this can help you get a solid sense about the right strategies.

  • Pause Your Ads

    To some extent, it is expected that investing in paid traffic may reduce your organic traffic. However, it should boost overall traffic. It rare happens that your paid traffic only cuts into your organic traffic. If you have a real presence on paid keyword, it may help you to enhance website traffic.

  • Have You Lost Backlinks?

    A backlink goes from an external URL to your website, if another website links to a page on your website, you receive a backlink. If you segmented your traffic and found that your website traffic has dropped, you should look into your backlinks. If some pages are dropped in traffic and they also happen to have lost backlinks. There would be a good chance you can find your problem.

  • Are they Quality Backlinks?

    It is considered that all the backlinks are not appropriate for your website. If your content is linked from a spammed site, Google may believe you paid for those links and are using black-hat SEO practices. It will harmful for your website. On the other side, if you pick up the backlinks from reliable websites, it will beneficial for your website and you win Google`s trust. As much as trust you get from Google, it will help to leads to higher rankings, which leads to more traffic.

  • How to improve the ranking

    Are you losing your website ranking? If you just have seen a general drop in website traffic, you can always try to boost your rankings. Your main objective is to make the best page on the internet; this helps you to improve your ranking. SEO services in Ambala, their creative team helps you to get a better ranking through their best tools and strategies.

  • Know your competitors

    Another important point, you should identify your competitors and also find out what keywords they are using. However, competitive analysis is the long tiresome process of searching Google for your most important keywords. There are some great tools uses by a digital marketing company that can help and probably provide you more thorough results.

  • Analyze your traffic type and web page

    If you observe the common drop in website traffic, it can be helpful to check the pages which are suffering most. These can be your blog posts, your homepage, product page; it will give an indication of the reason for falling traffic. A drop in blog posts, it means you need to focus on content marketing.

  • Examine user experience

    If your website traffic is falling, you need to check the user experience (UX). UX is one of the most important things to consider. When you update something on your website, you should focus on making your user experience which is very crucial for your website health.

  • SERP issues

    If your website traffic is decline, you need to determine where your problem is and prioritize the specific pages on your site that aren’t performing well. Sometimes, your website content is ranking well, and also the keyword has the same search volume, but people aren’t clicking. It may be because Google has decided to offer the answer to the searcher’s query in a new answer box.

Final thoughts:

As we all know the website is the original face of any business and it is basically helps in representing you all over the world through the internet. If your website is not eye-catching, attractive and having issues then you are losing relevant traffic on your website. Web designing in Ambala assist to get more traffic on the website and rank your business website for high traffic target business keywords.


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