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Why a Small Enterprise Should Choose Internet Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

When a small business wants to expand its business, the very first question arises in mind is “how”? After the proper study, they find marketing as a solution. Then on, the second question takes birth that is what kind of marketing is beneficial “Traditional or Modern”? So, here are some points which clarify why to choose internet/modern marketing over traditional marketing. Internet marketing is valuable for every business.

1. Cost-effective:

A small business has minimum resources. Accordingly, they have to be more conscious about the utilization of resources. Small business should find long-lasting solutions in a low budget. A T.V. advertisement or other traditional marketing ads at a high level requires a great deal of money, which is not reasonable for small business to invest, while, Internet marketing is far more economical than traditional marketing. Marketing through the internet delivers effective results in very less time.

2. Less time consuming:

Advertisements through internet reach target audience within minutes. From planning to run ads, it takes couples of minutes. On the other hand, Traditional marketing consumes huge time from planning to approach the audience, whether it is through personal selling or TV or newspaper. Think about it!

3. Quick and easy to plan:

Internet marketing is actually a fast forward process to plan. When a new concept/idea comes in mind; there is only need for a small budget, suitable platform, engaging material. Click a few buttons, and your campaign is on its way to compete with big enterprises. Whereas, Traditional marketing consume 3-4 months in just planning of a new ads.

4. Easy to update:

In the case of Internet marketing, if any error occurs, it’s just a game of minutes to improve the fault. But, in traditional marketing, a lot of financial resources are needed to replace or to correct the error. That is why digital marketing is a perfect choice for small size enterprises.

5. 24/7 marketing:

Digital marketing results are always available. Not like traditional marketing, which is visible once in a while. A small enterprise can quickly develop its business through 24/7 working services of internet marketing.

6. Engage customers:

Internet marketing contains different types of content such as engaging images, exciting videos, and informative content which attracts more and more customers and engage them. A small enterprise can easily update information, news about the latest products or services, discounts, and offers within moments. The public is more responsive to valuable content rather than the big budgetary ads of big enterprises.

7. Demographic targeting:

Digital marketing provides an option of demographic targeting, which is not possible in old marketing ways. A small scale business can target its users as per according to the area/city. For instance, if an enterprise wants to sell its product locally, it only targets local audience. While another brand desires to make his brand famous outside the country as well, they can easily target people worldwide in a limited budget.

8. Immediate outcomes:

Internet marketing results come very quickly as compared to traditional marketing. Online marketing provides options of call now, contact now, etc. As a result of which clients response immediately without wasting time. While regular marketing consumes a great time to reach and inform consumers and only 1 out of 100 respond to such ads. But, in the case of digital marketing, the response rate is relatively high.

9. Traceable results:

Internet marketing provides an option to track the results. There are significant analytics such as Google Analytics which assists websites and social media platforms, to analyze multiple factors. From where most traffic came from? Which is the favorite product/service of the public? What people would like to buy in the future? On the other hand, there is no opportunity to measure results in old marketing methods. Through traceable outcomes, small size businesses can save money and time.

10. Reach relevant users:

Traditional advertisement reaches each and every people. In contrast, online advertisement influences only those people who have an interest or willing to buy specific service/product. Old marketing techniques approach irrelevant people, whereas Internet marketing reaches appropriate users. Which one do you find more suitable for your business?

11. 100% reliability:

Consequently, it is logical to say that Internet marketing is 100% reliable than traditional marketing. In the economical budget, internet marketing attracts more and more people within a short period. Also, provide a strong scope to small scale enterprise.

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