Latest Digital Marketing Updates: January 2020

Latest Digital Marketing Updates: January 2020

1: Webpage with featured snippets will not appear again

Google announced that from now featured snippet URLs won’t be repeated in the regular results. Previously, it was found that WebPages in a featured snippet position needed to appear twice on page 1 of the organic listing. But now WebPages in a featured snippet position will not appear again on page 1 or search result organic listings.

2: End of structured data

In January, Google announced that structured data won’t be eligible for the best results and it will be ended up in April 2020. Google implements structured data in 2009. Later on, in 2011, structured data was launched which is an open structure data that supported Google and other organizations.

3: A new search engine in the market named by Verizon media

Recently Verizon media launched a new search engine named one search. It is a new privacy-focused search engine introduced by Verizon Media. That browser does not track, store or share personal data with third-party advertisers. As we know that privacy is the main concern among social media users. Everyone using the internet wants to get updated with new trends, also want security from unauthorized users.

4: Instagram dropped IGTV button due to less interaction

End of the IGTV button on Instagram, Google announced that Instagram has dropped the IGTV, a shortcut button which is located to the top right corner of the app on the home screen. Instagram users are not much interactive with it. Very few people are clicking into the IGTV icon in the Instagram app. Because the user always wants to keep Instagram as simple as possible, so the IGTV button is going to remove due to based on the feedback from our community.

5: January 2020 core algorithm update

Google announced its first 2020 algorithm update on 13th January,2020 and it has confirmed on 16th January 2020 Thursday morning that its January 2020 core update is nearly done, it will excite and surprising for many owners and SEO. The January 2020 core update will reflect all search results on a worldwide scale.

6: YouTube introduces profile cards to display a users comment history

YouTube is the largest platform and going to launch a new feature that is called profile cards which showed a user’s public information and comment history on the current channel. This feature makes more convenient for creators to identify their biggest fans. These new features will help users to explore comments and build connections. By using profile cards, it will not only show the profile picture of anyone whose comments on the views, but also whole information regarding person profile also will be available on YouTube.


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