SEO Checklist for Developers 2021

SEO Checklist for Developers 2021

SEO Checklist for Developers 2021

These days, there is a high demand for websites that follow good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. SEO is very crucial for developers because it determines where the page stands in Google Search Console and helps developers in developing the website. SEO is an art which when learned and implemented effectively can do wonders. On the other hand, errors in SEO can make the pages entirely inaccessible to site visitors. To avoid so and to help the developers in developing a high ranking website we are providing a standard and updated SEO checklist for developers which are as follows:  

1. URL structure and tags

URL structure and tags are a very important part of the SEO checklist for developers.

  • URLs should be short, descriptive, and have important keywords. For example, is much superior to Avoid using underscores instead, use hyphens.
  • Developers should redirect new pages and add new URL’s.

2. HTML tags

SEO HTML tags will affect how your website performs on the internet and it thus becomes very crucial to add it to the website SEO checklist. Without these tags, you are far less likely to connect with your audience.

  • The title tag can be considered as the most important HTML tag. Optimize your title tags to make it easier for search engines and people when looking up your content.
  • The snippet of the text under the title is generally pulled from the description tag. Use keywords in both title and Meta description tags to improve the listings of your content.

3. Image SEO

Perform image SEO because text-heavy pages always have a better chance of ranking when compared to image-heavy pages.

  • Give a proper name to your images. For example, use businessname.jpg instead of logo123.jpg.
  • If the image doesn’t load when the visitors visit your site, use alt tags to label the images and be sure that it effectively describes the image.

4. Robots.txt file

This SEO checklist includes checking your robots.txt file. Always ensure that there is not a disallow directive in robots.txt. as it will prevent crawling by the search engines. 

  • There is a considerable difference between the two: “ Disallow: “ and “ Disallow: / “.
  • Former means that all the search engine spiders and user agents can crawl the site without issue from the site root down and the latter means that everything from the site root down will be fully blocked from search engine index access.

5. Mobile optimization

Want to rank higher? Make your site mobile friendly. Mobile optimized websites turn users into customers. 67% of mobile users say that they are more likely to buy a site’s product or service if they visit a mobile-friendly site.

  • Google gives preference to mobile-optimized websites.
  • Always follow Google’s criteria and meet their standards when making a mobile-friendly website.
  • It is worth considering the layout of the website for a better user experience.

6. Site speed 

Another thing that should be part of every basic SEO checklist for developers is site speed. It is hard for slow loading websites to rank higher.

  • The faster the speed of your website, the higher is the chances to rank higher.
  • Use tools such as Google’s Page Speed Insights tool, Webpage test visual comparison tool to effectively manage the site speed.

7. SEO audit

SEO audit is an important part of the SEO checklist for 2020. Evaluate the performance of your site using SEO audit.

  • Audits are completed by checking every step of your audit list and finding the issues that need to be fixed or improve to boost the search engine performance of your page.

8. International SEO considerations

International SEO is worth mentioning in the website checklist. When operating your website in different countries, keep in mind the international SEO considerations, and conquer the world.

  • Research potential markets and defines your website targeting strategy.
  • Practice the best HTML and properly do international keyword research.
  • Take advantage of the paid social advertising on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and run sponsored posts to audiences in specific countries.

9. Google search console

Google search console is a very powerful SEO tool that is available for free. It is specially designed to help you track your site’s performance in Google search.

  • It can see which keywords bring you the most traffic, fix website errors.
  • It can also submit a sitemap, receive messages from the Google search team, etc.

10. Secure your site with https

Https (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security) is a confirmed Google ranking signal. The “HTTP” following the “S” means that the website is secure.

  • Google, stated that if the quality signals for the two different search results are equal in everything else, their https ranking boost may serve as a tie-breaker.
  • Also, Chrome now labels non-https sites as “not secure”.
  • Users trust secure connections more, this brings more traffic to the secured site.


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